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Feelings (My First Sound Book)

Discover 8 emotions in this fascinating seek-and-find sound book! Each spread explores a different emotions and invites children to recognize the features emotion by listening to the sound it makes. Emotions featured include anger, love, disgust, sadness, fear, happiness, boredom and surprise. A perfect introduction to talking about feelings.

The Most Beautiful Ballets

The Most Beautiful Ballets

A beautiful book featuring intricate papercuts representing 6 of the most beautiful pieces of music written for ballet. The story behind each piece of music includes exciting details about the composers lives and is brought to life by the delicate 3D scenes.

Amazing Animals (My Scratch Art)

Amazing Animals to Scratch

Children can use the scratching tool to let their creativity run wild as they scratch to reveal many different animals. The boards easy to use with amazing results – simply scratch on the card with the wooden tool to reveal magical and colourful backgrounds.

The Little Mermaid (My First Pull-the-Tab Fairy Tale)

The Little Mermaid

Get hands-on and explore your favourite fairy tales with this novelty board book series! Have fun bringing the stories to life with amazing sliding panels and flaps to lift! Slide panels and watch as the little mermaid saves the prince or as she changes to a human!


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