adventure through reading and play

The Auzou Story

The Auzou Story

The son of a publisher, Gauthier Auzou was raised surrounded by books. As he grew up, he came to realise that the books he had read as a child stayed with him, along with the things they had taught him.

When Gauthier took the helm of the family business in 2006, it was clear to him that the next chapter for Auzou would focus on making books that would bring the magic of reading to more children.

Today, our books are loved by children and parents around the world. At Auzou, we believe the experiences we have as children shape the adults we become.

Auzou books help children to lose themselves in their imagination, yet teach them how to navigate the world around them. They offer company and solitude and encourage imagination and concentration.

We believe that adventure through reading and play helps children to become the grown-ups they aspire to be- and because children love and respect the planet and those they share it with, that’s good for everybody.